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Traditional but innovative. Create your style.

The difference is hidden in the details. Combined with our impeccable fabrics each garment turns out to be a true work of art.

Finitura Felice has been a point of reference for the production of exceptionally high-quality fabrics that are weaved at our Biella mills, the fruit of great skill and perpetual and passionate research. Remarkably soft touch and elegant appearance for 100% Italian-made fabrics that are now exported all over the world.

Each of our fabrics is weaved at Biella that perfectly meet their quality and specifications. We guarantee superiority in our collections because we bring together superior quality at top-level and expert mills to make the fabrics, where all the processes are followed by our product development team with an understanding of the fashion trends of today.

Special Services For Talented Tailors

A Suit Of Finitura Felice Fabrics Has Everything You Can Ever Ask For

We produce rich, unique and ever-changing collections for the world-famous brands, tailors, bespoke and high-class Made to Measure brands with fabric services. Finitura Felice is one of the high-quality fabric brands that render quality and luxurious service to customers.

Collections are prepared for all customers by following the key terms of fashion trends all around the World. Tailor also keeps in its collection the highest quality of fabrics ranging from 110S to 150S which are composed of natural fibers like silk, cashmere and linen.

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Finitura Felice

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