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The highest quality and natural forms of wool, cashmere and silk yarns are used in our fabrics which give life to our collections.

Finitura Felice Suitings Collection is ready to answer any man’s needs. A suit of Finitura Felice fabrics has everything you can ever ask for. Every season, each special collection is prepared by our experienced designers, who are following the latest trends in fashion, and the garments are made with the top quality fabrics ranging from 110S to 150S which are composed of silk.


A pearl in the world, cradle of knowledge in how to enjoy our local richness, a concentrate of Italian naturalness, just like the precious Super 150’S wool fabric with 16.2 micron fine fibers.

Noble in its quality, brightness, softness and lightness, this weave built on very fine and very well made threads is shown either in the usual solid colors or in the melange ones, giving this drapery fabric one of the highest good taste expressions of choice of excellent modern designs.

Herringbone and panama fabrics meet the most traditional twill, sophisticated decorations play a fundamental role for details, mixing tradition, elegance, comfort, and creating the right allure for the most important social and business events.

The performance of this product is due to the design, the construction and the finishing processes that determine in Salerno, with its 260 gr / m, giving the suits a glam and a non-typical lightness and fluidity, for all the seasons of the year.

The colors rank goes from the traditional black or navy to gray melange, from anthracite to pearl. All fabrics are entirely made in Biella, the textile district of drapery productions and the guarantee of the italian quality can be seen in the “Woven in Biella – Italy” logo written on the precious selvedges to testify the Finitura Felice’s seriousness and commitment in the search for the highest quality and refinement.


As a protagonist, this pure virgin-wool fabric just wants to dress the protagonists of the contemporary world. Dynamic, serious, refined and gritty just like this intertwining of fine yarns from the best wool selections. Respectful of the animal and its environment, today as never before.

Managers with mastery of their role and style propose, after a careful observation, the classic colors that are never predictable together with melanges, always looking for lights and shadows in the intertwining and contrasts of the blends of colors that compose them. Never hard but courageous, with a bright aspect and a silky hand, soft and fluid. Fabrics built to have their own vitality, comfortable without elastomers, resistant and reactive to creases, to be always regal and never shabby; lightness is the feature, both in winter and in summer, 260 grams of natural fibers, for all four seasons.

The designs of the patterns are perceptible but discreet, never flashy; even the decorations are delicate and current, able to be combined to any accessory to complete the elegant fit. A serious way to wear a unique piece of good workmanship, with attention to the details and the high quality standards with which it is produced. Finitura Felice is a guarantee of a product conceived and made in Italy by professionals and experts who also certify and testify the classy workmanship inscribing the “Woven in Biella – Italy” on the selvedges of the fabrics.


A twill of 250 gr made of NM 2/80 and 1/50 yarns as dictated by the Biellese tradition renowned the world over for quality fabrics. This line of fabrics incorporate vertical designs such as pinstripes, playful jacquards and refined herringbones loyal to formal traditions. The particular thing about Odessa is its 4 Season wearability and natural elasticity in horizontal obtained without any use of chemicals rendering it a true extrafine woolen fabric in its full natural splendour. A real suit, modern, elegant and comfortable!


The atmosphere and elegance of Lecco city have been transferred to our fabric with the same name. Lecco combines the richness of a soft and precious cashmere with the performance of a selected super fine merino wool, giving life to a fabric whose classicism is suitable both for tailoring and for the creation of trousers and blazers.

The color chart contains the classic ranges to meet the multiple needs for every moment of the day.