Tailor's Soul at Made to Measure Clothes

Full canvas finishing will ensure perfect fit rendering each garment a second skin day in and day out. Finitura Felice Made to Measure system enables you to combine the model to your liking with your choice of fabric from our comprehensive fabric collection.

We lunch new collections every season with expanded variety to complete your elegant style. A made-to-measure service begins with taking your measurements, while also understanding your style, needs, and preferences with our unique Finitura Felice seasonal collections.

We begin a detailed and fully cooperative process in which our customer decides on what kind of base pattern and fabric best suits their measurements and needs. Then we customize the design to suit them perfectly, which is how made-to-measure tailoring goes.

Classic and Unique

Our MTM products are not only limited to blazers or suits. To give you an amazing experience we have developed more models, patterns and propose a huge variety of fabrics in comparison to our competitors. To serve you better our made-to-measure product range is constantly growing with suits, jackets, trousers, vests, shirts, overcoating, tuxedos and accessories with our peerless collections.

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