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Tessuti per Giacche Invernali

The highest quality and natural forms of wool, cashmere and silk yarns are used in our fabrics which give life to our collections.


Here I am, now. Call it and it will show you its Italian taste projected towards internationality! This fabric designed for jackets is sporty and classy at the same time, it has a comfort to follow you; it is crease-resistant, three-dimensional, rich in effects and twisted mouliné yarns with beautiful combinations of colors and blends.

The structure of the fabric combined with the patterns of the designs is able to contain enough air, thus ensuring breathability and offering the ability to balance body temperature without ever being too warm or too cold.

280 grams made of softness and three-dimensionality, almost as if it were a jersey, reactive and comfortable but still formal. Like a sports suit, it follows you in every move on the street, in the car, scooter, plane. LaHey is the necessary product that was missing. The precious written selvedge gives the right luster to a fabric present in the ateliers of the best tailors of today and tomorrow.


The atmosphere and elegance of Lecco city have been transferred to our fabric with the same name. Lecco combines the richness of a soft and precious cashmere with the performance of a selected super fine merino wool, giving life to a fabric whose classicism is suitable both for tailoring and for the creation of trousers and blazers.

The color chart contains the classic ranges to meet the multiple needs for every moment of the day.


A stylish blazer in canonical dark black, navy blue and camel colours and a few current trend colours, giving the required nobility to the 90% unprocessed wool and 10% cashmere blend typical of this fabric type; after treatment to felt the material and to compact the appearance, it is subjected to a gentle brushing process that makes the fabric touch softer, but also gives a slight orientation to parallel fibres and creates a small, slightly fluffy surface. Thus, a real drape made with a more sporty concept, not  long and directional, shiny, flattened hairs but to reduce the severity of the traditional drape, shorter and more scattered furry structure; 360 g/mt weight, due to the tightness of the fabrics of “old times” without making you feel the weight, you feel wrapped in a soft fabric that protects you from the cold of winter.