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Tessuti per Giacche Estive

The highest quality and natural forms of wool, silk, linen, and cotton yarns are used in our fabrics which give life to our collections.


The colors are light and bright yet always very elegant, designs which stand out yet remain humbly descreet! Riga loves to be constructed without a lining yet never resigns a lining which complements the solar colors of the fabric. The rustic presence of linen within the fabric with its irregular form renders Riga aggresively young yet affirms the strong presonality of the discerning Gentleman in society!


A blazer for the Spring/Summer, Napoli at 270 gr of weight presents a fresh alternative to virgin wool extrafine line. A jacket emerging from the most traditional roots of Sartoria Napoletana yet incorparating middle European Style, colorful, three dimensional, fresh and young with formal roots. The Gentleman who seeks to be different and specialfinds in Napoli the right balance between elagance and sportiveness, traditionality and contemporanity. The designs, structures and colors present a fabric which is suitable for the most discerning business occasions yet provides elagant lightness suitable for a stroll along the Gulf of Napoli!