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Tessuti per Cappotti

The highest quality and natural forms of wool and cashmere yarns are used in our fabrics which give life to our collections.


Composed of a mixture of 85% wool and 15% cashmere fibers in typical coat colors, this classic luxury coat has an exceptional shine and softness. The weight of 570g/mt carries the claim of protecting the body from intense winter cold, but it does so with a respectable posture.

The “peeled” effect of the surface occurs through a special process called “Zibellino”. This is a process obtained with conventional cheesecloths using natural thistles, which give a special veined appearance to the surface of the treated fabric and show the feathers as oriented and polished.

This feature, coupled with its knowledge and high tailoring, offers a truly luxurious and elegant coat for special occasions, and at the same time defines a valuable and stylish outfit that is a casual outfit of a man who wants to feel sade in every environment he enters!